Jasmine is Graduating Soon!

Hello, Gorgeous!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine over coffee to learn a little about her and the ideas she had for her senior session.

She had just returned from Murfreesboro where she had gotten a new tattoo. It was a simple outline of a mountain range, and it looked stunning. She explained to me that meeting at Starbucks was a good idea, since she actually worked there. She felt comfortable being around her coworkers, and you could tell that they really had fun together.

We talked for a little while about how we both appreciated photography. She explained that one of her good friends is a photographer, and that she would normally have asked him to shoot for her. However, she really wanted to do her session on campus (at Tennessee Tech University), and didn't want to make him drive an hour to do it. She began looking for recommendations, and a mutual friend of ours (Sandra) mentioned me.

We gushed over adorable pictures of our cats, laughed about ourselves, and discussed small details of the shoot (like wardrobe, location, and styling).

After about an hour, we had a strong understanding of what we wanted to accomplish during her shoot. We parted ways, agreeing to meet exactly a week later.

I like to meet my clients prior to their shoot because I want them to have a personalized experience from the very start. They should feel comfortable sharing their ideas with me, and they should be able to trust me with their photographs. These are delicate and precious moments that they will look back on forever. Their comfort is a priority.

Fast forward a week!

My assistant for the day, Conner, met me before the shoot to discuss our goals for the day. I showed him some of the spots I wanted to shoot at while we waited for Jasmine and her husband (Cameron) to arrive. Conner was excited to assist me for the first time, because he wanted to see what a professional shoot looked like from a different perspective (having previously been a subject of mine).

Once Jasmine arrived with her husband, I knew that we were in for a fun shoot. She brought a billion bags of glitter with her! If you don't leave a shoot covered in glitter, was it even worth it? I showed her a selfie from Nashville pride that might have involved a pink glitter beard. Jasmine and I are very much alike, and the atmosphere was energetic right from the start.

Cameron gave us some information on the campus and the construction going on around several of the buildings. Having him there was a blessing, since there was a lot to carry (he literally moved barricades so that they would not be in the background of our shots). Cameron is also graduating in May, so they will soon be in a college free marriage. Whew!

Jasmine and Cameron are SO cute together. My favorite shots are of them, covered in leaves. It reminds me of the whimsy of childhood, and how even as adults we are still capable of experiencing ridiculous joy for no reason at all.

We started to wrap up the shoot, having not anticipated that the sun would be setting so much sooner now. We quickly strolled across campus and got out the glitter.

Simple shots turned into a blizzard of glitter as Conner and Cameron began to toss it everywhere imaginable. Pretty soon both Jasmine and I were covered from head to toe. I kind of wish there had been someone there filming the chaos, because I would have loved to see how that actually looked to passerby.

This was such a fun shoot. I never would have anticipated that I would one day be able to do something so fun and call it my job. I truly do love being behind the camera, and I want to make every shoot a new experience for everyone involved.

When we parted ways this time, Jasmine told me that she was taking Cameron to the newest ice cream shop in Cookeville, The Lazy Cow Creamery. Blusters of glitter and delicious ice cream? Sounds like the perfect night to me!

Congrats on your graduation, Jasmine! I wish you the best of luck with your life, and I hope that you are successful in all the things that you do!

Thank you to all of the amazing people who continue to help and support me in my quest to make my photography successful. Whether you stand in front of the camera or hold my reflectors, your volunteering does more for me than you could ever know! 

A personal blog will be up soon about a trip I took to New Jersey to meet up with some of my best friends. Thank you for reading, and I hope you are having a wonderful day!