Emmie's Summer Shoot

Say hello to Emmie!

She's quirky, fun to work with, and absolutely adorable! What else could you want?

Creating these beautiful summer portraits couldn’t have been more fun! My assistant and I met Emmie at Dogwood Park on a sunny day. The sky was blue and covered in fluffy white clouds. Although the heat was overbearing at times, our laughter carried us right through the shoot.

Having Laurana McGuire on as my assistant made this shoot so much easier than it usually is. Laurana brought a brand new element with her to this session, and by quickly connecting with her she was able to pull out Emmie’s confidence. Emmie had mentioned feeling a little awkward in front of the camera before, but this wasn’t an issue at all. Emmie is someone who is determined and understands exactly who she is. Once she was comfortable, everything just worked the way it was supposed to.

Emmie has a great sense of humor, and is really fun to be around. She’s also very assertive, and when she wants something she works as hard as she can to get it. At the same time she is calm, understanding, and kind to everyone she knows. She also has a strong bond with her family, being one of many siblings.

After some chit-chat, I asked Emmie what she had been up to. She told me about how she had just returned from a week long trip to California. While she was away from home she got to see downtown Las Vegas, walk on the Beach Boardwalk of Santa Cruz, and visit the calming Lake Tahoe.

"Spending a whole week with my parents was rad. It helped that everywhere I looked kind of seemed like something I'd like to paint."

She concluded her story with her experience at Del Taco, and how the burrito she got there was bigger than her face. She seemed pretty passionate about Tennessee's lack of Del Tacos, and I couldn't have related to her more than during that conversation.

As we were making our way through the park, I made mention that it was about to be the golden hour. Emmie immediately understood what I meant, explaining that her older sister also had a photography business shooting weddings. We took a moment to look at some of her work, and it was remarkable.

Whenever I get the chance, I like to shine some light on work that I think is stunning. So if you ever need an engagement session, wedding photography, or something of that nature, you should definitely check out Lindsay & Brandon Photography.

After we got some great shots in next to the performance stage, we decided to do an outfit change. Emmie brought a really stylish denim dress that we paired with a red belt. Then we made our way back to the fountain. Along the way, Emmie and Laurana were gushing over all of the cute puppies that were there.

We realized right away that the fountain space was extremely crowded. I saw a bench that I really wanted to photograph Emmie sitting on, so we moved to that spot instead. As I focused, positioned the frame, and clicked the shutter, a sassy little girl decided to photobomb us! Her parents kept apologizing to us, but we just laughed because it was hilarious.

Feeling exhausted and dehydrated, we decided to ride together to a local café called Poet’s. Before we walked in, we stopped to appreciate the setting sun and take some photos on the sidewalk.

Eventually, the thought of air conditioning and the smell of coffee lured us into the shop.

While we were there I wanted to get creative and try to photograph Emmie with the available lighting. I love to challenge myself, and thinking on the fly is something I excel at.

Whether it is building a makeshift light stand out of sticks and duct tape or crafting an on-the-spot diffusion panel using a white sheet and a tripod, I have found myself McGyvering quite frequently. Sometimes you have to make the shoot work with what you have.

The images done inside of the shop were in extremely low light. This made me glad that I had the nifty-fifty on hand. I bumped up my ISO and started shooting.

There was only one other customer there, so the baristas didn’t seem to mind that I was turning their shop into a natural light studio. Some of the images I got in the shop have been my favorite conventional portraits to date.

As we finished up, Emmie saw a friend of hers walking down the street. She said her goodbyes and ran off to enjoy the rest of the sunlight. Laurana and I grabbed some Thai food with her mother, and I couldn’t have felt more accomplished.

If you love Emmie’s summer photos, why not get some for yourself? Shooting portraits is my passion, and I would love to share the experience with you!

(Keep scrolling for the rest of the photos! My favorite shot is at the very bottom! Thanks for reading! More work will be coming later in the week!)