First and foremost, thank you for visiting my website! Truly, the work that I've done and the experiences that I've had were thanks to you. The role you have played in my life has been extremely influential to my character, whether you are a loved one or a former loved one.

I had originally planned on going into detail with this, but doing so would be inessential for everyone involved. So I would just like my family, my closest friends, and my former friends to know that every second I have spent (or will spend) with you is valuable to me.

  Afterclass  ( Study of Motion with Mikayla Coushman ) by Cory Guinn

Afterclass (Study of Motion with Mikayla Coushman) by Cory Guinn

After several months of contemplation, I have finally decided to dive headfirst into the internet and create a space that is truly my own. In order to keep the atmosphere on this website as authentic as possible, I wanted to incorporate a short personal blog. Having a space to write down all of my thoughts and to communicate openly has always been an important part of my life. I have used other social platforms for this before, but it really doesn't make any sense to have the extra accounts when I can place everything in one spot for the entire world to see.

Since this might not be usual for a professional website, I would like to quickly explain what I want this platform to actually become within the next year.

I have always wanted to be open about the work that I do and the person that I am. I understand that in a "professional environment" there are supposed to be boundaries that separate your personal life from what you display for the public, but this has always confused me. In my opinion, your personal life gives birth to your professional life.

This is primarily a space to showcase my portrait photography and book sessions for anyone who likes the work that I create, but it is also going to be a place for me to express myself. This would include current projects such as artwork, poetry, creative photography, and random thoughts that I need to write down. I would also love to start a podcast and possibly even travel in the upcoming year. Not everything is foreseeable, which is very exciting for me! 

So once again, I would like to thank you all for the constant support and for encouraging me to keep creating, even when I don't think it is possible anymore. I hope the holidays are treating all of you well... Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas!